What are computer viruses

What is a Virus and how they can affect on computer?

About a virus,

A virus is a program or block of executable code that loaded onto the user’s computer without the user’s knowledge and performs malicious actions. A computer virus designed to cause damage, modify data, steal personal information and perform other important things on your personal computer.

Internet virus attempts to take control of your PC, and it has infected at the first opportunity available and also try to carry harmful task written in its program. It may corrupt or delete data on your computer and use an email program to spread the virus to another system and may possible to delete important data or information from other computers.

It is a malware code which is replicates itself and change it into your computer program, data files, and hard drive booting section. This activity is said to be infected with a virus.

How does a computer virus attack on PC?

When you can download any attached file in your computer that time virus is also come in your computer with attachment. The virus will inactive until device to execute its code. When unwanted threads are infect your computer that means you have to run the infected program, that is turn causes the virus code to be executed. This means that a virus can remain inactive on your computer, without displaying particular sings. In this situation you want to scan computer and remove all malware then you need to contact computer virus protection support.

How do malware viruses spread on your Computer?

There are various ways that unwanted thread going to spread from one system to another system. Computer viruses may be spread via email and Internet file downloads, file attachments, social media scam link, your mobile devices, and smart-phones etc.

How to protect your device against computer viruses?

Virus infection on your PC may cause a very serious damage and also this may reason of losses of your business because almost businesses related information are saved in their computer. So, it is very important to knowledge about “How to protect your computer against worm virus”. Therefore, Now we are going to discuss about how secure your personal system against dangerous viruses.

1. If you have use Window XP, then you must turn on the firewall.

2. You must run all necessary latest updates.

3. Run all necessary latest updates and service packs.

4. Your antivirus program must run every day. There is various computer virus removal that you can get for free scanning.

5. You must turn on the pop-up blocker and this feature is available on the Window XP. And you can also download another pop-up blocker, the Google Toolbar and find their pop up blocker the most effective in blocking pop-ups.

6. Never open their emails that are doubtful to you or not known to you and if they are in your bulk mail, then send it back to your provider as spam.

7. If you use messenger service, then you must be very careful with files being sent through instant messenger. Most of the email service has a virus so you should check and clear it if the file has a virus or not.

8. Be very careful if you are downloading files and any program from the internet, and made attention on the instructions while downloading it.

9. And you careful with the files that come from a floppy disk or other external storage if you open it in your Computer Drive ROM of the floppy drive. You must know its source otherwise better yet when you insert it, and you must have it scanned with your anti-virus software before you open the files.

10. You run defragmentation, clean up the disk, registry scanner at least once a week. And you can find defragmentation by the pointing of your mouse on C drive.

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