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Top 6 Tablets You Can Buy

With the tablets sales gradually declining, there are just a few major competitors remaining in the tablet manufacturing business and like always it’s the usual Android master-race vs iOS Elite war on both ends. So, which of the tablets that are currently on sale are your best bet getting the best value for money and the most jam packed features? Let’s find out in this top 6 tablets comparison:

  1. iPad Pro 12.9 inch: It’s more like a laptop display detached from the keyboard than a regular tablet. This behemoth of a device is Apple’s current flagship in its tablet line-up. The main USP of the device is the screen which like all iPad’s is absolutely gorgeous. It has a 2732*2048 resolution with a respectable PPI of 264 which isn’t bad for a device of its size. Currently the ultimate contender in the tablet category.
  1. iPad 9.7 inch: This has yet to see a refresh from Apple at the moment but the iPad 9.7 inch is actually very relevant even without the update. It is still a decent performer and has the latest iOS 11 update for tablets. Although it might not be as fast as the iPad Pro, the latter is aimed at people looking for a laptop replacement while this is aimed at someone looking for a slightly bigger everyday tablet.
  1. iPad Mini: The iPad Mini (read iPad Mini 4) is Apple’s smallest and most affordable tablet on sale currently. It has a 7.9 inch 2048×2536 display which has an excellent 326 PPI. Apple hasn’t updated the iPad Mini in a while; it has the latest iOS 11 update. The iPad Mini is actually meant to be a smaller version of the iPad Air or the iPad 9.7 as it’s called now, so which one would you rather buy is entirely upon you as there is no iPad Mini vs iPad Air comparison here because these are two tablets aimed at two different categories in two different price segments. 
  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: This is currently the heavyweight contender from android. It has Samsung’s signature Super AMOLED display with HDR support, and it looks otherworldly. It has a nice overall feature set with AKG audio but in terms of productivity, Android simply cannot keep up with iOS 11 for tablets at the moment.
  1. Google Pixel C: Widely touted as the best android tablet, it comes directly from Google’s own stable. The Pixel C is Google’s take on the android tablet market and comes with stock android out of the box. However it isn’t the best as a few quirks make it less value than the Tab S3. 
  1. Moto Tab: This is the newest errant among all tablets mentioned here. The Moto tab was launched in 14th November, 2017 in collaboration with Lenovo and is actually meant to be a mid-range tablet retailing at a price of $299. It will be available exclusively with US telecom carrier AT&T at the moment and world wide availability isn’t known at the moment. But it makes for a decent purchase for someone looking for a 10 inch tablet. 

Apart from the above options, you can opt for a bigger and costlier model from Microsoft. It has various Tablet cum Laptop models who are now worldwide popular. You can check newly launched Microsoft Surface Book 2 reviews and decide on getting one for yourself.